• My Pin Up Shoot…

    Did I ever tell you about the time I did a Pin up shoot…
    Read what Laura the Photographer says and I’ll share my experience and a photo later today.
    Keep reading the updates for more information about the exciting project thats happening on Sunday.

    Here’s Ann-Marie! She is owner of Vintage Car Business -Valley Retro.
    Her and hubby Chris supply their gorgeous vintage wheels to many people around the region, but have been hugely popular with Brides who want to arrive in style to their Weddings.

    I met Ann-Marie just before she was wed, and she was one of my first pin-up clients. We hit it off straight away as fellow vintage passionista’s and also as fellow business owners.
    She was the top of my Dream Team list when it came to bringing together a ‘cool as ice’ collaboration team together for ‪#‎BloggersPearJoy‬.

    Now – I ask you, does knowing a vintage car being in the collaboration, throw you off from what you thought the project was going to be?

    You can see the line of rides Valley Retro offer and check out more about this awesome business by tapping on these links to give them a follow:
    FACEBOOK: https://goo.gl/DpvMmB
    TWITTER: http://goo.gl/qDD5fL
    INSTAGRAM: http://goo.gl/aSClAl

  • Fastlane Car Show

    The sun is coming out the blue sky’s are here and the Buicks chrome is showing off. Bling bling! Get down to the Fastlane Car Show in Hexham

  • VaVa Vroom

    Wow has anyone checked out the May edition of My Northeast weddings from County Wedding Magazines? Valley Retro are featured in their Va Va Vroom wedding transport article. The editors must have loved the colour of the Buick as they have matched the whole feature to the Buick’s colour. You can buy your copy online from http://www.countyweddingmagazines.com/purchase_detail.cfm?Show_ID=139